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Young Hens, Guinea Keets & Rio Grande Turkey 2020 Waiting List

Chickens, Young Hens, Pullets

2-6 Months Old

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30 Breeds of Hens For Sale - Chickens


We sell Standard Size Started Pullets - Hens - from 2 months old to laying chickens. We also sell Guinea Fowl and Rio Grande Wild Turkeys in Season. Pullets are vaccinated for Coccidiosus Mereks and Fowl Pox.

We sell Honey and Bees


  • Come purchase our delicious local honey.
  • Call us for availability of Nuc's this Spring.

Environmental Steward


Working with our Conservation Partners to return our 100 acre Farm to its Original Native Prairie-Oak Savannah Habitat to benefit wildlife in Texas. 

Contact Us

Better yet, come to the farm and meet us in person!

The chicken house where we raise our pullets is open to our customers so you are welcome to come in and choose your chicken breeds.  Many of our customers are looking for Chickens For Sale in College Station, Chickens For Sale in Austin, Chickens For Sale in Waco, Hens For Sale in Austin, Hens for Sale in College Station, Hens for Sale in Waco, Pullets for Sale in College Station, Pullets for Sale in Austin, Chickens For Sale in Houston, Hens For Sale in Houston, Hens for Sale in San Antonio

Bird and Bee Farm

1369 County Road 334, Rockdale, Texas 76567

Proprietors Gene and Cindy Rek Cindy call or text (512) 808-8533 Gene call or text (512) 760-0170


Week of 8/12/19

9 am to 1 pm Monday thru Saturday


Week of 8/19/19

9 am to 1 pm Monday thru Friday

9 am to 5 pm Saturday


If you are unable to come during our opened hours please call or text us and we will make and appointment that is convenient for both of us.

Drop us a line!

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